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When is it a good time for Wholesalers and Distributors to grow their Business on the Web?

When is it a good time for Wholesalers and Distributors to grow their Business on the Web?

For years the terms "e-Commerce" and "ordering on line from the Web" has been associated with retailers, selling to consumers or members of the public. However, there is a fast growing trend of wholesale businesses now operating on the internet.

All enterprising wholesale businesses have a financial accounts back office accounts solution and systems in place to manage their warehouse stock. Business to Business (B2B) e-Commerce solutions like those implemented by FUEL – High Perfomance IT, simply connect these two aspects of a forward thinking wholesale business together, with the aim to increase its turnover.

In the highly competitive environment of distribution and wholesale, where margins are small and throughput and turnover are key, providing this other self-generating revenue route to market, can provide the next area of growth for the business. Implementing a real-time integrated B2B e-Commerce solution, has the potential to reduce the need to hire additional staff to encounter this same growth.

Wholesale B2B e-Commerce empowers your customers to order for themselves without your staff getting involved (unless required to) and depending on the level of integration with your financial accounts software, without your staff having to re-key orders in. This allows your staff to carry out other areas of more profitable work, including order fulfilment and dispatch.

The less integrated your e-Commerce platform, the more manual operation is required. This leads to more opportunities to create errors. With the right ERP back office accounts software, also provided by FUEL, integrated with our e-Commerce solution, manual input is reduced to a minimum and profitability has the opportunity to increase, fueling business growth.

Even if you already have some form of e-Commerce presence, and if your online order volume is increasing, this along with the time it takes to withdraw orders from the website, and manually re-key the data into your financial system, it’s clearly time to take the step and address your web integration.

By Integrating your e-Commerce site and financial system with FUEL’s accounting and online solutions, you can help eliminate these costly challenges and turn your web store into a strategic and profitable business revenue centre.

When is it time for your wholesale business to review its web presence?

Now is the time to take that vital next step into the future, gain a strategic advantage you’re your competitors, while saving substantial time and money for your business!

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